This instructor, la señora Ruby McCray, has made learning the Spanish language easier than ever, and you can have fun during the process!  Ruby's books and CDs meet a variety of learning needs in different areas, such as for:

Teachers:  They allow a FUN way to teach infinitives and endings of verbs in different tenses and conjugations.

Students:  They offer an EASY way to memorize vocabulary and verb conjugation.

Employers:  They provide vocabulary-building to EXTEND their business to the Spanish-speaking community.

Employees:  They give them the ability to LEARN a second language, thus positioning them for a raise.

Schools (day care, pre-K to high school, college):  They supply an easier, fun-filled experience while listening, singing, rapping, tapping, and clapping to an "A."

Missionaries, prophets, evangelists, and pastors:  They provide easier avenues for sharing the Gospel and ministry to the Hispanic communities.

People in general:  They allow travelers to be more comfortable with the Spanish language, whether with people, or reading billboards or menus.

Expectant mothers:  They give them an effective way to expose their unborn children to early learning of the language.

It is not necessary for you to look at the books while learning the songs.  Become familiar with hearing the beautiful sounds of the Spanish pronunciations while you are automatically learning the vocabulary aurally.  Whenever you have the opportunity, look at the books.  You already know the vocabulary, but not necessarily the meaning of the words.  Once you've seen them in the book, the connection will take place and the words will be yours.  Continue to listen to the CDs until the vocabulary is in your long-term memory, and from then on, practice your vocabulary with your family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.