"Though I'm not in a formal class, my mom-in-law, Ruby, has been helping me to learn the beautiful Spanish language, which I've not previously studied. She makes learning so much fun!! Her books and songs are so very helpful! The melodies stick with me and are especially useful when conjugating verbs. I appreciate the time she has spent (and does spend) teaching me the correct way to learn Spanish, preparing me to converse with anyone who speaks Spanish. The Lord began to give me melodies for Bible verses, and with Mama Ruby's help with Spanish, I have released my first bilingual Bible verse CD, entitled Sing The Word! ¡Cante La Palabra! Volume I. (www.bridgetmccray.com) ¡Muchas gracias por su ayuda, Mama!" Bridget McCray, BA, Stay-at-Home Mom, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

"I have greatly enjoyed the song book/CD combo. I find that it's much easier to memorize things when it's in the form of a song. Although using other tools such as flash cards can be helpful, It just seems easier when it's set to music! My favorite songs are Rap of Verbs and the Conjugation of Verbs. These two have been a tremendous help in remembering the various endings for plural and singular person(s)." - Kathleen Morey, PhD · Associate Director Office of Information Management & Testing Services · Baylor University

"I can't begin to tell you how many times I've listened to the infinitives in the Rap of Verbs. In just a short period of time, I had memorized over half of them. I don't believe I could have done that in any other way. During the day while working, I'd catch myself rapping those verbs. All of the songs are good and helpful, but the Rap of Verbs is my favorite. Thanks for such great learning tools." - John Craig · Evolution (Elite Handyman Service) · Waco, Texas

"I want to thank you for a great learning experience. I really use the CD. It is so helpful to be able to hear as I read along, because I am a visual person. You are a delight in class and so much fun. I have told several people about the book and CD. Thanks for all of your hard work and encouragement. - Shirley Burroughs · HomeMaker · Waco, Texas

"We have enjoyed using Ruby McCray's songbook and CD. By playing the CD as we drive around town, we are exposed to an excellent model of correct pronunciation. We have been able to turn trips to other cities into enjoyable and interesting learning sessions." - Gee Gee and William K. Mygdal, Ed.D. · Director of the Family Practice Faculty Development Center of Texas (FDC)

"Ruby McCray is an amazing person. She is an awesome teacher, be it music or Spanish or philosophy of faith. The songbooks she has written with accompanying CDs are phenomenal tools. By listening, singing, rapping, tapping, and clapping, the fundamentals and vocabulary of the language are cemented in your mind. The technique of rhythm, wit, and humor she uses to accomplish this is the magic that makes it fun to learn. The Lord has blessed her with great gifts. And in so doing, has made her a great gift to her students and friends." - Marty Smallwood, Sales · Bird Kultgen Ford · Waco, Texas

"I can honestly say, that the book and CD have increased my vocabulary by 100%. They are the best. I really can't wait to buy the others. I'm not just saying that because I have to, or because you are the sweetest gal, but because they really do help. I believe they are also helping my daughter. She really likes to dance and clap her little hands to the beat. Thanks so much." - Kristie Sanchez · Homemaker · Waco,Texas

"It's the best kept secret in town." - Linda Crawford, Instructor · McLennan Community College · Waco, Texas

"The CD and accompanying book truly make learning the Spanish language easy, interesting, and fun. The melodic phrases of nouns, verbs, the alphabet and other facet of the language have a distinctive style which tends to replay over and over in your mind..." - Linda Gray · Bank Teller · Waco, Texas